What leather shows the best patina?

What leather shows the best patina?

Natural full grain leather tanned with vegetables is ideal to develop the best patina over time and obtain a leather article with character that speaks about us.


Natural vegetable tanned leather without dyes or pigments shows the best patina over time. This natural leather is particularly sensitive to sunlight and body oils. With prolonged exposure to the sun it will tan like our skins. With the continuous contact of our hands it will capture the natural body oil present in our hands.

Full grain leather is the highest grade of leather and of absolute best quality. This is because it absorbs the elements of the world over time, be it movement, sunlight, heat or the natural oils your body produces making our leather item unique. Natural full grain tanned leather is considered the most durable and robust form of leather, as it is made from the strongest part of the animal's skin. In addition to this durability, it is often recognized for its attractive quality due to the close grain pattern. Sometimes it even retains the natural scuff marks and wounds that the cow may have sustained in the field. 

The less the hide is processed, the better and more pronounced the patina will be. All this contributes to create a leather with character and personality.

Happy Patina :)

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