Leather patina, the art of graceful aging.

Leather patina, the art of graceful aging.

Just like wrinkles on an explorer's face tell thousands of stories, leather wear also tells a story.


People who love leather products especially appreciate the worn look that appears with use and the passage of time.

From the scratches and marks that make your keys in your wallet, to the darkest areas in your ipad case where your hand always touches and rubs. Leather patina is something magical that develops in vegetable leather products through daily use.

What is leather patina?

It is the hallmark of a high quality leather product: a patina, a soft shine that develops on the surface of the leather, imparting a genuine character and personality to the product.

Like your favorite jeans, leather ages similarly, developing a "patina" as the oils in your skin and other elements of the environment absorb it. Patina is not a negative effect; instead, it is the main reason why people fall in love with natural leather.

Starting with a beautiful pale tan tone, vegetable leather products go through a wide range of browns through daily use.

The accumulation of body oils, sunlight and wear and tear by use create a soft darkening and shine in leather goods. Over time, leather oxidizes and naturally ages to emphasize these original effects on leather.

The natural patina is a process that cannot be replicated by any artificial means in the leather. It only needs time and use.

Happy Patina :)

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