Elevate Your Leather Experience with Vegetable-Tanned Leather Goods

At HappyPatina, we have developed an EDC-Kit using only vegetable-tanned leather to start a new leather goods use experience. Wallet, key fob, wrap wristband, and the 3-Steps leather care products.

01. Minimalist Wallet

Keep all your money under control

Holds 4-12 cards and 20+ notes of every currency

Bifold design for contactless payments and flat storage of cash

Fits Euro and GBP notes flat (USD and larger notes folded once)

Slim profile – perfect for front pocket carry

Handmade in Spain from full-grain veg-tan leather

  • Best Lin Câblé waxed thread

    Lin Câblé waxed thread is a top-quality linen thread, treated with wax for enhanced strength and longevity. Perfect for leatherworking and bookbinding, it provides smooth, precise stitches that last, thanks to its firm grip and even texture.

  • Sew by hand

    Crafting leather goods by hand involves using robust needles and waxed thread to create a durable saddle stitch. Skilled artisans begin by punching holes with an awl, followed by sewing with two needles. This method ensures both strength and a polished, refined finish.

  • Full grain leather

    Full grain leather stands out as the highest quality leather, preserving the natural grain and unique marks of the hide. This type of leather is exceptionally durable and strong, developing a beautiful patina as it ages. It's commonly used in crafting luxury handbags, fine furniture, and premium footwear.

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From design and materials to manufacture and packaging, we don’t cut corners. Our leather is a byproduct of the meat industry and vegetable tanned to be kinder on the environment. We unite the hand-crafted quality of saddle stitching with the precision of laser engraving. All our products can be personalised and are made to order. It takes time, but so does anything worth holding onto.


Leather: Full grain, vegetable tanned, environmentally certified leather from Catalonia, Spain.

Thread: Coloured heavy gauge Gütermann thread from Germany, Europe.

Pouch: Oeko-Tex double thickness cotton from Poland, Europe.

Finish: Hot stamp, hand-stitched, bevelled, burnished and packaged in Elche, Spain.


Dimensions: 95mm x 75mm x 10mm

Capacity: 4-12 cards, 20+ notes stored flat or folded, passport + more

Considerations: The leather will feel stiff at first but with use it will soften and conform to hold its contents snugly. As such you can gradually increase capacity but not decrease it. The wallet holds GBP and Euro notes up to 145mm x 90mm flat and USD and larger notes folded once.

02. Secured Key Fob

Home keys at a safe place

It is constructed from 3/4oz weights of our full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. Each is assembled, stamped with our signature maker's mark by hand, and can provide years of secure key carrying.

  • Large capacity key ring

    A large capacity key ring keeps multiple keys and small essentials organized and easily accessible, streamlining daily routines and preventing misplaced keys.

  • Strong copper rivet

    Strong copper rivets, prized for their durability and resistance to corrosion, provide secure and long-lasting fastening in leather goods, enhancing both their quality and visual appeal.

  • Stamped by hand

    Hot stamping by hand in the leather goods industry involves pressing heated metal stamps onto leather, creating durable, detailed designs that enhance the uniqueness and quality of each item.

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Whether our Fob is for a practical purpose or pure accessory, it's a nice addition to your key ring.


Leather: Full grain, vegetable tanned, environmentally certified leather from Catalonia, Spain.

Finish: Hot stamp, bevelled, burnished and packaged in Elche, Spain.


Fob dimensions: 3.25" long (w/ hardware)

03. Single Wrap Wristband

It will be part of your arm

The Single Wrap Wristband offers a unique leather patina experience.

Made with genuine leather, this wristband ages beautifully over time, developing a rich and distinctive patina that tells a story.

Each wrinkle, scratch, and mark adds character, making your wristband truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Perfect fit

    Offers a snug and comfortable fit, feeling just like a second skin. Crafted from premium leather and featuring an adjustable clasp, it suits various wrist sizes while maintaining style and durability. It's the perfect versatile piece to elevate any outfit.

  • 9-10oz. weights tatural tooling leather

    Ideal for single wrap wristbands, this material offers durability, flexibility, and comfort. Its raw finish is perfect for easy personalization, and over time, it develops a rich patina, adding unique character.

  • Traditional tanning process

    Traditional tanning in leather production cleans hides, treats them with natural tannins like tree bark, and involves weeks of soaking, stretching, and drying to create durable, high-quality leather.

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Leather care products

All you need to care for your leather goods

Saddle soap, leather oil, and then the leather salve; are all included in the EDC-Kit.

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